Storyteller 3

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Dive into the world of Storyteller, a game crafted for the pickiest puzzle enthusiasts. This entertainment challenges you to become the author of tales, and you don’t need special talents to enjoy it. Just let your creativity run wild and experiment with intriguing plot twists. Your mission? Picture an empty book of tales waiting for your cool ideas. Get access to charismatic characters, scenes, and prompts to come up with the narrative. It sounds more than thrilling, so let’s start your first tale!

What are you supposed to do?

You will have to complete 13 chapters in the interactive book. All of them are independent stories, and each promises tons of amusement. You will deal with ready-made scenes, and the task is to bring them to life by filling characters. You will interact with familiar characters, from princesses to knights. However, the main attraction of the game is that you do not necessarily need to repeat the original roles of these famous personages. Unleash your creativity and watch as different heroes from well-known tales appear in fresh roles. Drag your characters into designated slots, reshuffle roles, and add a sinister or humorous touch to each story!

What are the tales about?

The game offers various themes, from love and betrayals to unexpected twists, giving you the freedom to experiment endlessly. Though it might seem like a primitive activity, the challenges demand strategic thinking and wise choices. Do not neglect the prompts – these tips will help you guide your characters through love, betrayal, and even potential killings. You should use your logic to follow the correct sequence of the events to arrive at a particular outcome. Each successful completion will bring you a reward! Do not be afraid to step away from the traditional tales you know and suggest some new scenarios. You will enjoy this freedom of action. So, are you ready to redefine tales, experiment endlessly, and properly read the prompts? Don’t be fooled by this seemingly simple task. Storyteller is a game that combines fun with strategic thinking. Let this unconventional adventure begin!

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