Story Teller Full Game

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In this captivating game, you will turn into an author of an interactive book. Get access to an array of characters and a plethora of settings. You just need to add some creativity to put together a new fascinating story. Even if you never tried to write a scenario before, this entertainment will offer you everything you need to give it a try!

What is it about?

Each stage of this virtual book is a new story that you need to create. It is like a canvas you need to feel with characters. The player’s mission is to breathe life into the interactive scenes! Actually, all scenes are premade and you need to add personages. The characters are not static. They engage in conversations, quarrels, love affairs, die, and even experience rebirth. As the player, you decide on how events will unfold, steering the narrative to create a one-of-a-kind tale. Picture a deceitful king that dreams of capturing power or a beautiful princess impatiently awaiting her knight. Some scenarios are timeless, but your creativity may add a special touch to them. Craft your unique story, invent interesting twists and turns to make it unique. This game can be rightfully called a creative puzzle. Do not worry – you will not be left without help. The developers have prepared some hints for you to succeed with no effort.

Are there any secrets?

This exciting journey goes beyond crafting a single story. There are over a dozen tales here to complete. With over 50 challenges, the game will offer you a really thrilling experience. Even if it may seem like a simple activity for kids, the walkthrough is a genuine test of your creativity. You are not restricted to recreate events from original tales. On the contrary, you are encouraged to come up with entirely new and thrilling narratives. As each story concludes, the coveted reward is a crown, a symbol of your storytelling prowess. Despite these puzzles take only a few hours to complete, the enjoyment is boundless. If, by chance, you misinterpret hints and create something different, it is still not an issue —your story can always be restarted. Embrace the challenge, embrace the joy, and let the tales unfold under your unique guidance!

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