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Create gripping stories by mixing and matching characters and weaving plot lines worthy of your favorite fairy tales! The whole magical world is at your command, so say your very first word right now!

Once Upon A Time…

Everyone loves fairy tales. We literally grow up on them. That’s what keeps us awake way past bedtime asking our granny to read yet another page, that’s what provides source material for our earliest dreams and kindergarten games, and that’s largely what forms our beliefs of what is good and what is evil, how real heroes are born and the scariest of villains are defeated. And it’s no wonder we are still very much attached to everything fairy tale-y, even already as adults.

With Storyteller, you have a chance to plunge right back into the sweet and fascinating world where good always wins, princesses are always saved, and peace is always restored! That is, if you decide to write a different ending, cause here you’re the mastermind behind everything going on!

Storyteller Gameplay

🌈 Choose Your Story: From Classics to Quirky!

Dive into the extensive library of Storyteller and take your pick from a myriad of stories. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless allure of classics like Adam and Eve or the enchanting escapades of Snow White, the choices are as diverse as the colors of a magical rainbow. Select a canvas that resonates with your creative spirit!

🤹 Mix and Match Characters

Become the puppeteer of your story by mixing and matching characters in delightful combinations. Kings, queens, werewolves, and witches await your command. Watch as the characters come to life, interact, quarrel, and fall in love based on your whimsical decisions. Your story, your rules!

🎭 Unlock the Right Ending

Each tale unfolds across chapters, and it’s up to you to unlock the right ending. Experiment with character interactions, plot twists, and unexpected events to find the golden key that opens the door to the next chapter. Can you untangle the narrative threads and progress through the whimsical world of Storyteller?

🌍 Explore Scenic Locations

Navigate through a vast number of scenic locations that serve as the backdrop to your storytelling extravaganza. From mystical forests to grand castles, each setting provides a unique canvas for your creative strokes. The world is your stage – let the storytelling spectacle begin!

🌀 Give Old Fairy Tales a New Twist

Feel the rush of excitement as you rewrite fairy tales everyone knows and loves, injecting them with your unique and fascinating twists. Turn princes into frogs, villains into heroes, and let the unexpected become the norm. Storyteller empowers you to reshape the narrative landscape with every click!

How Stories Are Written

You start off with nothing but an empty page – the very first chapter of your book. It’s yet unknown what’s gonna happen in your story, and you’re in full control of the events that will unfold on the screen, chained together by a series of clicks, drags and drops. Here is how the whole thing goes:

  1. Choose the location. That’s where your story will start, although you’re not obliged to stick with it
  2. Fill the screen with characters. Choose any you want to include. Not all the characters are available at once, some will be unlocked later in the game, as you reach the bonus levels
  3. Drag the characters into empty windows on the screen. Think of it as an interactive comics – your task is to fill it up and breath some life into it
  4. Watch the characters interact. It’s not just a static picture – your heroes will come to life interacting in all possible ways! Talking, fighting, kissing, dying, and maybe even coming back to life – it’s all in your hands
  5. Move through chapters. Once the storyline you’ve kicked off reaches some kind of a logical conclusion, you’ll be able to progress to another chapter.

Multiple Paths, Infinite Stories

In Storyteller, no story is set in stone – it’s a living, breathing tapestry of endless possibilities. Choose your characters, set the stage, and watch as the narrative unfolds. Want the princess to save the day, or do you fancy a twist where the dragon is the hero? With multiple ways to tell each story, your imagination is the only limit!

Hidden Achievements

As you weave your tales, keep an eye out for those elusive hidden achievements. These are not just accolades – they’re golden keys unlocking new dimensions of storytelling prowess. Did you manage to craft a story where the hero saved the day without uttering a single word? Achievement unlocked! The more unconventional your narratives, the more hidden achievements you’ll discover.

Secret Endings

Who doesn’t love a good plot twist? Storyteller throws open the doors to secret endings that redefine the very essence of your narratives. Unravel the threads of your story in unexpected ways, and you might just stumble upon an ending that transcends the ordinary. Get ready for jaw-dropping revelations and endings that leave your characters — and you — spellbound!

Unlock Bonus Levels

Bid farewell to the ordinary and say hello to extraordinary beings! Potion-brewing witches, blood-thirsty vampires, moon-tormented werewolves, and mischievous gnomes emerge from the shadows, each with their unique quirks and stories waiting to be told. With them thrown into the mix, it’s surely gonna be more exciting, more thrilling, and well, more magical. It’s not just about princesses and knights anymore – it’s a fantastical fusion of the familiar and the mystical! Every bonus level is a blank canvas waiting for your storytelling brushstrokes. Will you create tales of magic, mischief, or a harmonious blend of both? The choice is yours!

Storyteller Other Features

  • Engaging Graphics: Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of vibrant and enchanting graphics. From kings and queens to werewolves and witches, each character is a stroke on the canvas of your storytelling masterpiece. Let the visuals transport you to realms where the fantastic is the norm, and the excitement is contagious!
  • Immersive Soundtrack: As you embark on your storytelling quest, a magical soundtrack will serenade your ears. Feel the rhythm of whimsy, the harmony of hilarity, and the melody of mischief. Let the tunes be your guide as you weave tales that dance to the beat of your fantastical symphony!
  • Simple Interface and Controls: Fear not, aspiring storyteller, for the interface and controls in this game are as simple as waving a wand (minus the magic words). Navigate through the whimsical landscapes and characters with ease, allowing your creativity to flow without any pesky barriers. You play Storyteller on Web Browser

What’s Your Story Gonna Be Like?

If you’re itching to make your own stories and dive into a fairy tale world where anything’s possible, Storyteller is your creative haven. Freedom of creativity, a plethora of charming characters and fascinating levels, beautiful graphics and user-friendly controls make this game a playground for your wildest storytelling dreams. So, grab your imagination and let the storytelling adventure begin!

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  1. Maja:

    Ja mam takie pytanie czy ktoś wie gdzie można kupić za to że kilkakrotnie

  2. Eroni:

    This is a cool game, when is part 2 coming out?

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