That’s not my Neighbor

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A Day in the Life of a Doorman: That’s Not My Neighbor

That’s Not My Neighbor throws players into the shoes of a doorman in the year 1955, a time when the world seemed simpler, yet for you, it’s anything but. Working for the Doppelgänger Detection Department (D.D.D.), your daily grind involves standing guard behind a glass window, meticulously inspecting IDs, cross-referencing the apartment list, and scrutinizing every detail about each visitor to ensure they’re human, not a cunning doppelgänger in disguise. The stakes are high; one wrong move and you could end up like your predecessors, all of whom, save for the celebrated employee of the month, Henry, have met grisly ends. The game begins with an instructional film, setting a foreboding tone for your tenure as the gatekeeper between safety and chaos.

Unmasking the Truth

As each day unfolds, players face a barrage of neighbors and not-so-neighbors trying to gain entry. Your task is to sift through their stories, appearances, and paperwork for any sign of inconsistency that might betray a doppelgänger’s true intentions. The tension ramps up with each interaction, as the decision to let someone in or hit the emergency button, barricading the window and summoning the D.D.D., rests solely on your shoulders. Your performance is summarized at the end of each day, tallying up the doppelgängers caught, unfortunate neighbors denied entry, and any monstrous entities mistakenly allowed in, culminating in a blood-streaked revelation of any errors in judgment.

Key Gameplay Features

Meticulous Inspection: Examine IDs, verify appearances against the apartment list, and interrogate reasons for visiting.
High Stakes Decision Making: Decide on the spot whether to allow entry or trigger the emergency protocol to protect against doppelgängers.
Daily Summaries: Review your performance with a detailed end-of-day report, highlighting your successes and oversights.

That’s Not My Neighbor immerses players in a world where trust is a luxury and every face could conceal a monstrous secret. Balancing the mundane with the macabre, this game offers an intriguing blend of job simulation and horror, compelling players to question every detail and make life-or-death decisions with the push of a button. As you navigate the complexities of your role, the line between friend and foe blurs, leaving you to wonder if the real monsters are the ones trying to get in, or the fear that’s taken hold within.

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